Summer Research Internships

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Summer Research Internships are generally 6-12 week paid research opportunities available for continuing undergraduate students. Most Summer Programs accept applications between December and March. 

The IBP Database, NSF website, AAMC and WebGURU are excellent sources to find many programs. Search by geographical area, institution, or research interests.

IBP Summer Research Opportunity Database

All NSF REU Summer Programs Can be Found Here:


AAMC list of Summer Research Programs 

at Medical Colleges

Individual Programs 

Program Anacronyms:
MSRIP (Mentoring Summer Research Internship Program)
REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates)
SMART (Summer MultiCultural Access to Research Training) 
SR-EIP (Summer Research Early Identification Program)
SRIP (Summer Research Internship Program)
SROP (Summer Research Opportunity Program)
SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships)
SURP (Summer Undergraduate Research Program)

MCO Program @ Harvard Summer Research Internship
Deadline: Feb. 1, 2015

Harvard University Systems Biology Summer Internship Program
The Systems Biology community at Harvard invites interested undergraduates belonging to groups that are under-represented in the sciences to apply for a 10-week paid summer internship program. Interns will work on research projects spanning many fields of science, from biology (including systems biology, biophysics, bioinformatics and genomics) to applied mathematics and computation. Interns will have the opportunity to learn a range of cutting-edge techniques in the exciting and dynamic research environment at the FAS Center for Systems Biology and the Department for Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School. In addition to a mentored research experience, participants have the opportunity to participate in trips to local research institutes, weekly seminars, lectures by distinguished faculty, and  career events designed to augment and enrich their knowledge about scientific research and careers in sciences. Participants must be United States citizens or permanent residents.  

Other Harvard Summer Programs 
can be found here:

BDBS Program @ Tufts University
Deadline: Feb 15, 2015

Summer Program in Biostatistics and Computational Biology at Harvard

SRPG @ the Broad Institute 
Deadline: February 2, 2015

Boyce Thompson Summer Research Internships
Deadline: February 6, 2015

UMass Medical School NIH/SURE summer research
Deadline: March 13, 2015

MIT Undergraduate Summer Research Internships

Deadline: January 30, 2015

UC Denver
Deadline March 9, 2015

University of Michigan has numerous undergraduate summer research opportunities
As you may know, the University of Michigan is home to many summer programs designed to offer valuable research experiences and development opportunities to help your students prepare for graduate school.  Undergraduate students who are interested in the biomedical sciences and PIBS can find our faculty participating in  more than a dozen different programs that span disciplines including (but not limited to) cardiovascular systems, cancer biology, pharmacology, biophysics, physiology, and chemistry.

These programs are now accepting applications with deadlines as early as January 31. Each program has its own application, and students can apply to and be considered for multiple programs.

Plant Genomics @ MSU
Deadline: February 18, 2015

Molecular and Integrative Physiology Summer program @ MSU
Deadline: February 15, 2015

SROP @ University of Michigan
Deadline: February 10, 2015

Noble Summer Research Internships
Deadline: February 13, 2015

iSeed Undergraduate Summer Research Program @ Buffalo
Deadline: February 1, 2015

Cornell REU
Deadline: February 26, 2015

Amgen Scholars Program
(various due dates depending on the program you apply to)

Amgen Scholars @ UCLA
Deadline: February 2, 2015

Leadership Alliance
Deadline: February 1, 2015

The Access Program of Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences (WCGS)
Deadline: February 1, 2015

University of Virginia School of Medicine SRIP

Deadline: February 13, 2015

University of Maryland College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Summer Research Program
Deadline: February 10, 2015

@ Rockefeller University
Deadline: February 1, 2015

Undergraduate Research Program
Deadline: February 1, 2015

Priority Deadline: February 1, 2015
Final Deadline: March 1, 2015

Deadline: February 2, 2015

University of Pittsburgh MIDAS summer program
(program not offered in 2015)

SURP @ University of Pittsburgh

Priority Deadline: February 1, 2015
Final Deadline: March 1, 2015

Medical University of South Carolina Summer Research Program
Deadline: January 31, 2015

Medical College of Wisconsin Summer Program for Undergraduate Research
Especially for MD/PhD training
Deadline: February 1, 2015

SURF @ UT Dallas
Deadline: February 9, 2015

(ASPB) SURF Program
Deadline: February 11, 2015

Boston University SURF Program
Deadline: February 16, 2015

SURF Program
Deadline: February 15, 2015

at Boulder
Deadline: February 15, 2015

MSRIP @ UC Riverside
Deadline: February 13, 2015

School of Medicine
Deadline: February 13, 2015

TECBio REU @ University of Pittsburgh
Deadline: March 1, 2015

National Human Genome Research Institute
Deadline: March 1, 2015

BioxFEL Summer Internships
Deadline: February 15, 2015

University of Tennessee Summer Research Programs
Deadlines range from late January to late February

The University of Oregon Summer Program for Undergraduate Research
This program has rolling admissions,  but apply early!

University of Missouri
Deadline: February 1, 2015

The Summer Research Opportunities Program in Chicago is offered by a consortium of big 10 universities and the University of Chicago.Deadline: February 10, 2015

NIDDK Diversity Summer Research Training Program (DSRTP) for Undergraduate Students

Deadline: February 15, 2015

Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Deadline: January 31, 2015

Summer Programs:

Click here for information regarding the Summer Public Health Scholars Program (SPHSP)

Click here for information regarding Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP)

Click here for information regarding NERA MedPrep Program

Medical College of Wisconsin Summer Program for Undergraduate Research

Deadline: February 1, 2015

Wright State University Streams Program

Deadline: March 6, 2015

Columbia University Medical Center Spurs Prorgram

Deadline: February 6, 2015

Genome Institute at Washington University 

Undergraduate Scholars Program

Deadline: February 6, 2015

University of Buffalo CLIMB Program

Deadline: February 1, 2015

Colorado Biomedical Informatics Summer Training Fellowship--
Application Deadline March 9

SURF Award for Pharmacology Research (need a sponsor)
Deadline March 1, 2015

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